Part 2: Hot Topics Breakfast for Solo, Small Firms and General Practitioners: Learn How To Plan for the Unexpected

  • February 04, 2016


Archived Video + e-Materials


Planning for the unexpected plays an important role in practice management for lawyers in ensuring that law firms can still operate after a natural disaster, medical emergency or other serious interruption. Failure to have a disaster plan can result in thousands of dollars in losses and can also result in a finding of professional misconduct.

As a companion session to SSFGP/LPM's in-depth lunch program on February 3rd (also available in archived video format), this breakfast will provide a high level overview, focusing on the importance and creation of your disaster plan.

Get the materials, tools, and advice you need to plan for events which interrupt normal offices processes. Not only will you gain help in developing cost-effective ways to set out a disaster plan but you will also learn best practices for avoiding potential law suits against you and professional misconduct and professional discipline that may flow from it.


Samantha Biglou, Mason Caplan Dizgun LLP


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