What's Your Brand?

  • October 11, 2019
  • Adaline Huang, associate at Chris Chu Law

How Do You Build a Brand?

How you build this brand is completely up to you.

For young lawyers, a good starting point is where you work. Many law firms have recognizable personalities and would hire those who fit well within that personality. While I understand that the legal job market is tough, it’s important to consider this when choosing an employer – is this the brand you want to be associated with?

I chose my employers carefully. As a new lawyer, it was hard to simply decide what kind of lawyer I wanted to be, so I chose employers whom I want to work for. Things I looked at:

  • What are their policies both internally and externally? I looked at community initiatives, principles and values, career development opportunities and training, etc.
  • Who are the key players? I looked at founders or principal lawyers and what their career path was like, associations they are a part of or which they support, and recognitions they’ve received.
  • What is their industry reputation? I looked at “Best Legal Employers” or “Best Law Firm to Work at” type lists.