Privacy: Legal and Business Needs

  • October 28, 2020
  • Marian Serna

When it comes to privacy, understanding the applicable legislation is just the first step for a legal professional. Balancing individuals’ privacy needs with businesses’ ability to implement adequate privacy and cybersecurity protections is troublesome. To understand our role as legal professionals in the privacy industry, we first need to appreciate the ecosystem’s external and internal quirks. This article aims to provide insights into the practicalities of privacy.

Key Takeaways

  1. Stakeholders’ needs differ. The priority is protecting the public; however, there is no user information to protect unless there is a business.
  2. As the legislation evolves, closer relationships between small companies and regulators are needed. Likewise, grants for start-ups will be required to ensure that they can provide a similar level of safeguards to large enterprises.
  3. The role of a legal professional in privacy and cybersecurity is a non-standard one. It doesn’t stop at interpreting the law and writing a memorandum. It takes a deep understanding of the factors affecting the implementation of privacy and cybersecurity programs, serious cross-functional collaboration efforts, and a genuine interest in knowing the product or service that the company offers.