Panel Summary: Privacy and Access in Connected and Automated Vehicles

  • 30 mai 2020
  • Rajen Akalu

On May 12, 2020 a webinar was hosted by the Privacy and Access to Information Law Section.  The program was moderated by Rajen Akalu, founder of Akalu Law and assistant professor at Ontario Tech University, and Avi Sharabi, an associate at Stieber Berlach LLP.

The webinar brought together academic researchers from Ontario Tech University as well as leading practitioners in the field of privacy and connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). The aim of the webinar was to explore how a balance can be achieved between privacy, data protection, and innovation in the CAV sector.

The first speakers, Professor Khalil El-Khatib of Ontario Tech University and Dr. Tracy Ann Kosa, privacy engineer at Google and lecturer at Seattle University, provided an overview of CAVs as they relate to individual privacy.

Following that technical discussion, John Beardwood, a partner at Fasken Martineau LLP, outlined Canada’s privacy regime as it applies to CAVs. He also highlighted some risk management strategies that automakers and software developers might adopt in order to address new regulatory and technological developments.