The Business of Law: Financial Management for Sole, Small and Medium Firms

  • 06 février 2015


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Many lawyers believe either they can't or shouldn't be business-minded. In fact, enhancing your business focus will help you improve your practice of law. Lawyers who have a firm grasp of financial management can better assess and reflect the value they provide to clients. After taking part in this program, you will be able to create a budget to help you stay in the black, anticipate necessary costs and minimize unnecessary ones and focus on what costs will help you deliver greater value to your clients while improving your bottom line.


David Debenham, Co-Chair, Supreme Court of Canada Practice Group, McMillan LLP
Kathleen Robichaud, Lawyer, Law Office of Kathleen Robichaud


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Trevor Pearse, Articling Student called to the Bar in January 2015

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