Part 1: Planning for and Dealing with Life Events and Unforeseen Challenges: Stories from the Trenches

  • February 03, 2016


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No matter what we do, things can and will happen that take our attention away from our professional lives. Sometimes these are good things - like a vacation or the arrival of a child - and sometimes bad - like an illness or even a natural disaster.  Like everyone, lawyers are not immune to these types of events, expected or unexpected. These challenges, if not properly handled, will undermine your efforts at running a successful business by jeopardizing client service and consuming endless hours to manage. Planning for and managing these disruptions is essential to any lawyer's practice management toolkit and can make the process so much easier. With stories from the trenches and real life lessons learned (sometimes the hard way), this program will provide you with the resources to make it as easy as possible for you to effectively manage both expected and unexpected events in your life.


Kevin Cheung, Fleck Law (Point Edward/Sarnia)
Kathleen Robichaud, Law Office of Kathleen Robichaud (Manotick)


Figuring It Out
A, B, C, D Reframing Technique

Joanne Schaefer, JSchaefer Coaching

Practicing with a Medical Disruption
Sheri Hirschberg, Sheri Hirschberg Family Law

What to do when you have to Move
Kathleen Robichaud, Law Office of Kathleen Robichaud

Trustee Services - The Law Society's Salvage and Support Function
Dan Abrahams, Manager, Trustee Services and Compensation Fund, The Law Society of
Upper Canada