9 Simple Tech Tips to Get Started

  • June 03, 2019
  • Cheryl Grossman, Entertainment Lawyer

In today's world, strong knowledge and constant implementation of technology has become one of the vital pillars of all businesses. Clients want quicker turnaround, consistency in your product and more certain pricing. Technology can often help. I believe technology also makes work more fun, since it's helped me avoid boring, repetitive tasks, allowing me to focus on more important issues and spend more time discussing client needs.

With that in mind, here are some top tech tips to get started in creating a more efficient practice. 

1) Go paperless.  

It's not just about being environmentally friendly (although that does make me happy). It's about being able to find particular files and notes more quickly and avoid requiring huge storage space.  

If you haven't gone paperless yet, take your first step by getting a scanner for your desk.  

If you've taken this first step but you're having trouble, think about why you're continuing to use a lot of paper. The answer could be simple:  

  • Screens have to be close enough to avoid eye strain. Getting an ergonomic assessment is always the safest route, although if you can't pay for it right now, I've been told screens should be about an arm's length away (every arm length is different so consider how your eyes feel). This "arm's length" rule of thumb is not a replacement for the best route: an ergonomic assessment.
  • Take regular breaks from your screen to avoid eye strain, which means a paperless practice isn't actually 100% paperless.  
  • Better knowledge of how to use Acrobat Pro DC can help you use PDF's more efficiently and therefore reduce paper.  

Note that sometimes despite best efforts, you will need the paper version. A so-called "third screen" (a printed out contract on my desk) is sometimes necessary when I'm comparing documents. I admit that sometimes scribbling helps me brainstorm, so I'll need a paper version.