Streaming Wars: The Legal Impact of a Rapidly Changing Television Industry

  • November 21, 2019
  • Layth Gafoor, Managing Partner, Lucentem Sports & Entertainment Law

It’s hard to remember a time when Netflix wasn’t a driving force in our everyday lives. What began as a DVD-rental service has become a ubiquitous symbol of the streaming age; it is used as both a noun and a verb -- having come to define relaxation in 2019 -- and has ushered in a completely new way of consuming media through binge watching. The rise of Netflix has unquestionably changed the landscape of both the television and film industries, both in the ways studios release content and the ways in which consumers watch that content. While other companies such as Hulu and Amazon have raised a claim to Netflix’s throne, none have been able to topple the streaming giant. That streak may soon change, however, as Apple and Disney have each launched their own independent streaming services. As the streaming market becomes more saturated, can either Apple or Disney convince consumers to expand their viewing options? Here’s how they plan on capturing not only your wallet but also your viewership – and the obstacles they'll face in doing so.