“Help Me Help You” - The Non-Linear Path to Entertainment Law

  • 21 novembre 2019
  • Pooja Sihra

In case you missed it, the Ontario Bar Association’s Entertainment, Media and Communications Law Section recently hosted a mentoring event called “Help Me Help You” for new and aspiring lawyers.

As a junior lawyer, I’m always seeking out opportunities to learn from mentors and share that knowledge with others. I’m happy to report that not only did I learn what “a day in the life of an entertainment lawyer is like,” I got to speak with a diverse group of lawyers in film, television, communications, music, sports and media who offered an insider’s perspective on how to land a role in these niche practice areas. I discovered that a strong corporate/commercial background will serve you well, given that much of the work in entertainment/media law is of a transactional nature. For those who love to litigate, you can help navigate issues like defamation and publication bans for media broadcasters and/or resolve copyright and trademark infringement cases for artists.

The key theme that emerged from my conversations with the mentors was that the path to entertainment law is a non-linear one – those who truly want to practice in this practice will eventually find their way.