Toronto South Detention Centre Launching Remote Video Defence Access Project

  • September 19, 2018

The Ministries of the Attorney General and Community Safety and Correctional Services (the “Ministries”) have been working collaboratively to develop and undertake video projects, including adopting remote video access for counsel, courts and correctional institutions, as part of a modernization effort.  We are pleased to share that one such video project, the Toronto South Detention Centre (“TSDC”) Remote Defence Access (“RDA”) Project , will begin mid-October 2018. 

The Ministries have asked us to share the following with our members;

“Phase 1 of this project will provide remote access for counsel to consult with their clients using their own computers and utilizing 34 new video units that have been installed at TSC In the living units.  The RDA pilot service will be rolled out using a staggered approach, with the first wave launching, as mentioned above, in mid-October.  There are three towers that house clients in TSDC.  The first wave will target lawyers who have clients in Tower A. The second and third waves will target lawyers who have clients in Towers B and C, respectively.” 

The Ministries are hopeful that the RDA service will be implemented in all three towers by this winter.

For more information, please find attached the following documents;

A Question and Answer document

A Tip Sheet