October 2017 SCC 6-word review

  • 10 octobre 2017
  • Daniel Goldbloom

[Almost] everything you need to know about the latest Supreme Court of Canada criminal law and related decisions, in six words or less.

India v. Badesha, 2017 SCC 44

Assurances of torture-free justice good enough!

R. v. Durham Regional Crime Stoppers Inc., 2017 SCC 45

[Publication ban prevents author’s concise analysis]

Canada (Attorney General) v. Thouin, 2017 SCC 46

Non-party Crown immune from civil discovery


About the Author

Daniel Goldbloom is the Editor of the OBA Criminal Justice Section Articles and practices criminal defence, regulatory defence, and professional liability law. He notes, gratuitously, that the originator of the OBA six-word SCC review is now a judge.

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