In-House Insights: Lyndsay Butlin

  • March 05, 2022
  • Lyndsay Butlin, In-House counsel, Aecon Group Inc.; Dan Fridmar, Fridmar Professional Corporation

Typically, there are two types of lawyers: those who work in a firm (or as solo practitioners) and those who act as in-house counsel for one client (or group of related clients). As more and more lawyers join the construction bar, there is greater interest in what life looks like with in-house counsel for construction companies.

For this Newsletter, we decided it would be interesting to interview a number of in-house counsel at construction companies for their insights and experiences on this topic. These next few posts will be a series of short Q&A’s that will hopefully shed light and provide valuable information to OBA’s construction and infrastructure law bar on the experiences of in-house lawyers in construction companies. 

Lyndsay Butlin – In-House Counsel at Aecon Group Inc.

Lyndsay is legal counsel at Aecon Group. Before moving in house, her practice focused on commercial litigation, lawyers' negligence, and employment law. Lyndsay acted for business and individuals in commercial matters, including breach of contract claims and real property disputes. In her employment law practice, Lyndsay acted for employers and employees in an array of matters, including wrongful dismissals and disputes relating to the employment relationship.  

An adventurer passionate about people and our planet, Lyndsay spends her free time hiking new trails with friends, traveling, and getting creative with DIY projects.