Comparing Lien Regimes: A Brief Insight into the Michigan Construction Lien Act

  • January 07, 2022
  • Daniel Fridmar

One of the first things you learn in law school is about the multiplicity of legal systems: almost every distinct independent/autonomous region operates under their own set of laws. This concept naturally applies to construction law as well. Ontario’s Construction Act is only one of a plethora of different legal regimes governing construction law and lien rights. In Canada, each province has individual versions of construction/mechanics/builders lien acts. While these acts are more or less the same, each province’s legislation has distinct features (such as British Columbia’s express law disallowing any construction liens being registered if the lien amount is less than $200.00)[1].

Outside of Canada, there are even more diverse and unique lien legislations in each respective state and region – each adapting to the particular circumstances, contexts, and traditions of that region. For the purposes of this blog, I invite the readers to turn their attention to the lien legislation of the State of Michigan in the United States of America.