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Application to Delete Construction Lien – A Cautionary Tale

  • 23 novembre 2018
  • Brendan D. Bowles, partner, Glaholt LLP

A recent incident which came to light with a faulty registration in Teraview of an Order vacating a construction lien demonstrates that changes made in 2016 to the electronic registration regime are still subject to a “learning curve”.

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Mind The Gaps: Top 5 Things Lenders Should Know About the New Construction Act

  • 14 septembre 2018
  • Edward (Ted) G. Betts

Broad, numerous and significant amendments to the Construction Lien Act (now called the Construction Act) came into force in Ontario on July 1, with more coming on October 1, 2019. These changes will bring about a real culture shift in the construction industry. Are lenders ready for it?

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Construction Legislation Reform in Canada – Prompt Payment

  • 10 mai 2018
  • Andrew J. O’Brien and Ted Betts

In the last few years the momentum for change has grabbed hold of the construction industry in Canada, and pulled tight on the reins. Several provinces, as well as the federal government, have been grappling with the issue of prompt payment on construction projects, and trying to determine how best to incorporate the rights and concerns of the most vulnerable parties who are lower down the pyramid: the construction trades.

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OBA CPD Panel Addresses Bill 142

  • 19 décembre 2017
  • Jay Nathwani

On October 3, 2017, members of the OBA Construction Law Section and other interested attendees were privileged to have the opportunity to be guided through the upcoming amendments to the Construction Lien Act by a distinguished panel at the OBA’s CPD event, “The Authoritative View of the Construction Lien Amendment Act, Bill 142.”

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