Pleadings are Like a Marriage, Factums Are Like a Divorce

  • 12 octobre 2012

For the 2012 - 2013 program year, the Civil Litigation section held its Fundamental Sunrise Breakfast Series.  

The first session was Pleadings and Facta.

Like a marriage, pleadings:

  • provide a lasting foundation for your case.
  • should follow the Rules but cannot be too rigid.
  • require room to grow and change.
  • should be built on honesty.
  • require you to recognize and choose the best option(s).
  • must accommodate alternative approaches.
  • will be tried and tested, stressed, may cause one or both parties much frustration.
  • must be tended to periodically after the honeymoon period.

About the Authors

Heidi Rubin and Ryan Breedon, Lenczner Slaght.

PowerPoint - Pleadings Are Like a Marriage, Factums Are Like a Divorce