Featured Member: Daniel Hirsh

  • November 25, 2021
  • Daniel Hirsh

1)    Tell us about yourself! (Current occupation, family, pets, where you reside, etc.)

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. I practiced law in large downtown Toronto firms for 40 years. I had the great fortune of working with wonderful people - clients, colleagues, staff, techies, visionaries, bureaucrats - all brilliant people. Some starting out and most wise beyond their years. I learned from them all.

After all that time, I thought it would be great to make a change, to focus on fewer clients, less billings, more entrepreneurs, even more grandchildren, much more travel and one wife. I set up my own virtual office, taking advantage of all of the amazing tools and software out there to help deliver quality service without the big back office and infrastructure.  I must say I have been impressed with what has been developed to allow a sole practitioner manage a practice with little tech training and skills.

In terms of the other plans, a worldwide pandemic has the habit of interfering with a new, open and global lifestyle. Machu Picchu, South Africa, the Pacific Crest Trail, all got postponed. We will be ready when the world is ready, and safe, for us.

My family and I live in the Beaches area of Toronto, play golf, ski, cycle, babysit on demand, walk neighbours’ dogs (not yet ready to make that commitment again) and slowly restore our circle of friends. Life is great, and we are grateful everyone is healthy and safe.