Welcome from the Chair and Vice-Chair 2019/20

  • October 09, 2019
  • Megan Keenberg, chair, and Mitchell Rose, vice-chair

On behalf of the OBA Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) Section Executive, we welcome our fellow section members to an exciting year of ADR initiatives.

We begin with our section’s fall line-up of innovative programming:

Together with the Civil Litigation section, on the morning of October 16, we present Litigate or Arbitrate: Which is the Right Path? co-chaired by Megan Keenberg, Sahar Cadili and David Woodfield, and featuring Justice Colin Campbell, Lisa Munro, Valerie Edwards and Megan Keenberg as speakers. Our faculty will discuss the intersection between litigation and arbitration, when to opt for one process over another, and how the two processes can work together to achieve efficient justice for parties.

Next, on the evening of October 29, we are proud to host the ADR Award of Excellence Dinner in honour of this year’s recipient, Elaine Newman. This is a special celebration to be held at 20 Toronto Street. We warmly encourage all section members to attend to congratulate Elaine, a trailblazer in the field of ADR in Ontario.