Statement from the Ontario Bar Association Regarding Officers of the Court Arrested in Courthouses

  • February 19, 2015

TORONTO – To protect the interest of all parties, the Ontario Bar Association does not wish to comment on any specific case before the court.  Recent publicity around the arrest of a lawyer in court attire at an Ontario Courthouse raises important issues of general principle.  

Arresting an Officer of the Court in a Courthouse can have a negative impact on the reputation of, and public confidence in, the administration of justice.  It can also significantly damage his or her professional reputation, as the courthouse is his or her place of business.  

Police services should have guidelines in place to ensure any such arrests are carried out in a way that protects public confidence in the administration of justice and does not cause undue harm to the professional reputation of these Officers of the Court, who are, like all accused, presumed innocent.


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