New Ontario Business Registry takes effect October 19

  • September 21, 2021

The Ontario Business Registry (OBR) is changing with a full migration to the new OBR occurring on October 19 as outlined in the transition timetable below:

  • September 17 was the last day that mail was accepted for paper based transactions.  
  • On October 13 the Integrated Business Service Application (IBSA) and the Change of Business Information (COBI) application will cease to be available
  • Monday October 18 will be the date of data transfer. On October 18:
    • The 6 regional service desks will be closed
    • 375 University office will be closed.  Urgent matters may be handled by appointment only
    • All work on the existing business registry will pause to allow the data to be migrated into the new OBR
    • Paper documents and filings not processed for data entry by Oct. 18 will be returned to sender to refile in the OBR electronically with the newly required e-filing prescribed forms
  • October 19 will mark the end of the exemption from filing an annual return for returns due between May 5/21 and Oct. 19.  Annual returns due after Oct. 19 must be e-filed when due.

On October 13 the OBA will be presenting a program at which you will be able to hear an overview of the new system from Lillian Duda, Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Following this, you will receive a hands-on demonstration of the new system from Ontario Government officials as well as commentary from business lawyers on what you need to know to be prepared for this change. You can register for this program here.