OBA Innovator-in-Residence Wins Financial Times Award

OBA Innovator-in-Residence Wins Financial Times Award

OBA Innovator-in-Residence Peter Aprile has once again demonstrated he’s on the cutting edge of innovation, finding new ways to bring better service to clients in today’s rapidly changing legal environment.

Counter Tax Law, the Toronto-based firm he founded and currently leads, has been named a recipient of the Standout award for innovation by the Financial Times. The firm was recognized for its work in creating litigation software that allows its legal team to gain deeper strategic insight and increase efficiency.

Known across North America for his creativity, leadership and ability to rethink fundamentals to transform law firms and increase the quality of legal work, Aprile is the OBA’s first Innovator-in-Residence. The Innovator’s role is to identify, develop and advance innovations that help lawyers better serve their clients. They do this by offering fresh perspectives and knowledge to drive change and innovation in the legal profession.

CounterMeasure is a great example of this. Created by Aprile and his team at Counter Tax Law, CounterMeasure is a system that allows the firm's litigators to model outcomes and financial impact to clients, set strategies according to data and deliver visual reports with anticipated results and recommendations. Aprile describes CounterMeasure as “GPS for tax law.”

In addition to being the OBA Innovator-in-Residence, Aprile is also the co-creator and co-host of the popular podcast Building NewLaw, which introduces the legal profession to the tools of change. 

For more on the Innovator-in-Residence program, and to find out what projects the current Innovator-in-Residence is working on, visit oba.org/innovation.