Payments made easier

  • November 04, 2013

With Institute quickly approaching the OBA is updating our payment process to be consistent with the rest of the CBA family.  A credit card number, name, expiry date and security code will be required at the time of reservation and the registrant will be given the option to pay by cheque within a 30 day period before the credit card charge is processed.

In addition all on-line purchases for items such as archived videos, binders and anything else that is not an upcoming program or a section membership registration fee will occur by credit card transaction only. 

As a member-driven, member-focused organization, we have a duty to manage our members' monies prudently.  During the past several years, we have witnessed significant delays in payments made by cheque which have resulted in increased administrative costs.  We have implemented this new approach in order to maintain the option to pay by cheque in some circumstances but to also ensure that payment for goods and services purchased by both members and non-members is received in a timely manner and additional administrative costs are minimized.