OBA President helps mark Brant Law Association's 160th anniversary

  • December 04, 2013

Pascale Daigneault praises “vigorous” legal community

BRANTFORD – Pascale Daigneault, president of the Ontario Bar Association, helped local lawyers celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Brantford Law Association.

Daigneault brought greetings on behalf of the more than 17,000 members of the Ontario Bar Association.

“Brantford’s bar is vital and vigorous and respected across the province,” said Daigneault.

“I am so pleased to be in your company this evening and very proud to call you ‘colleagues.’”

The Brant Law Association includes lawyers from Brantford, Brant County, and Six Nations.

Organizers held a gala dinner at the Brantford Golf and Country Club November 30, which was 160 years to the day of the founding of the association in 1853.

In her remarks, Daigneault said it was remarkable that in the 160-year history of the Brant Law Association, it has only had three fulltime law librarians in its history.

As reported by the Brantford Expositor, the first librarian, Florence Biscoe, worked in the courthouse library for 45 years from 1900 to 1945, Terence Whitbread was the librarian from 1945 to 1993, and the current librarian, Judith Giordano, has been on the job since 1994.

Giordano, who was present at the gala dinner, was singled out for praise by Daigneault.

“The heart of any law association is the law library, and the heart of any law library, is its librarian,” said Daigneault. “Congratulations Judith, on the wonderful and important work that you have done through the years, and many more to come!”