NEW - BCE Inc. v. Ontario (Superintendent Financial Services), 2012 ONFST 25 (CanLII).

  • November 01, 2012

Date: 2012-11-01. Docket: P0456-2011-2. | Link 

Motion for an estoppel issue to be added to the issues to be determined at the hearing, and production of additional documents pertaining to the estoppel issue. SCI sought all documents, including committee and board updates, that relate to the potential transfer of Ontario surplus from BCE to the SCI plan, Mr. Lavigne’s file and documents relating to the discussions he had with Mr. Béliveau in 2005, and all documents relating to BCE’s subsequent decision to limit the surplus transfer to Québec members only. The tribunal permitted the estoppel issue to be added and made an additional production order that was more limited than the one sought by the SCI. The tribunal limited the production order to documents which are arguably relevant to the estoppel issue and whether there was detrimental reliance in the course of a very specific discussion at a meeting between Mr. Béliveau and Mr. Lavigne.  BCE was ordered to produce documents that show what transpired at that meeting.