Authenticity and Admissibility

Authentication of electronic documents. Section 31.1 of the Canada Evidence Act. Section 31.2 deals with "the best evidence rule in respect of an electronic documents" and 31.3 with the "presumption of integrity".

Table of Sections on Electronic Records in Evidence Acts in Canadian Jurisdictions (June 2011).

Ontario v. Rothmans et al., 2011 ONSC 5356

  • September 20, 2011

Date: 2011-09-20 Conway J. | Link
Authenticity and admissibility of documents downloaded from public websites, in this case, the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library, University of California, San Francisco.

R. v. Adams, 2009 NSPC 15 (CanLII)

  • May 15, 2009

Date: 2009-05-15. Williams J. | Link
Questions about the data integrity, continuity and authenticity of digital images copied from a camera's memory card in a prosecution. Discussion starts at para 25.

R. v. Sitaram, 2011 ONCJ 12 (CanLII)

  • January 19, 2011

Date: 2011-01-19 Nakatsuru J. | Link
Hearing into the alleged breach of a house arrest provision of a conditional sentence, supervised using an electronic monitoring device.