HSBC Bank Canada v. Creative Building Maintenance Inc., 2006 CanLII 18361 (ON S.C.)

  • May 26, 2006

Date: 2006-05-26 Docket: 06-CL-0006425. Cumming J. | Link

"THIS COURT ORDERS that unless otherwise ordered by this Court or authorized or agreed to by the Receiver, the Individuals shall not: (a) part with the possession or control of any and all of the Records or monies appropriated from HSBC, RoyNat, and KeyBank; (b) hide, destroy, or deface the Records; (c) directly or indirectly remove anything with a market value in excess of $25,000 from the property known municipally as 2205 Dunwin Drive, Mississauga Ontario L5L 1X1 (the "Headquarters") or such parts of the Headquarters as are in the Individuals' control. (d) erase or delete from any means of electronic storage or transmit any of the Records from the Headquarters or alter, deface, discard, conceal or destroy in any manner any of the Records or any-other thing in their possession; or (e) activate or operate either locally or remotely from any location away from the Headquarters or access or alter any Records stored in any location remote from the Headquarters that may constitute the Records." (para 10)