• March 15, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, the ministry (MAG) has relied on guidance from our leading provincial health and safety authorities, including the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, to ensure we have the appropriate health and safety measures in place within our courthouses – this includes appropriate systems to support optimal ventilation and air quality.

In partnership with Infrastructure Ontario (IO), MAG took a leadership position within the Ontario Public Service (OPS) by implementing ventilation strategies that have informed the efforts of other government sectors. 

Together, MAG and IO implemented an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring program, which measures temperature, relative humidity and CO2 three times per day in courthouse, agency and tribunal locations, to ensure optimal ventilation within these spaces (based on guidance from PHO, ASHRAE, and other accredited organizations).

To date, MAG is the only OPS ministry to offer active real-time IAQ (carbon dioxide, relative humidity, and temperature) data monitoring of its facilities (courthouses and agency and tribunal spaces).

Today, MAG is pleased to announce that it will be proceeding with the installation of HEPA filtration units within its courthouses, agency and tribunal spaces across Ontario.

While this measure has not been required or broadly recommended for courthouses or agency and tribunal spaces by our health and safety advisors related to COVID-19 prevention, HEPA units may help to support improved ventilation and air quality, which will benefit our staff, the judiciary, and justice sector partners, more generally.

The implementation of HEPA units align with the ministry’s commitment to regular and ongoing facilities operations, and the ministry is pleased to be able to offer them for optional use across our portfolio of courthouses and agency and tribunal spaces.

Implementation is anticipated to begin in late March 2022 and MAG’s Facilities Management Branch (FMB) will be making appropriate arrangements at the local level.

If you have any questions please contact Maria Simões from FMB at: