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Mental Health Brief #22

Need a helping hand? Try Life Balance Solutions

Lawyers lead such hectic lives. Many of us want to be able to manage our own and our family’s health and well-being in our own way. That is why Plan Smart—Lifestyle and Speciality Counselling services were created.

Each of the services included—Life Balance Solutions, Career Smart Counselling Services or Health Smart Coaching—have been developed to allow you to take a proactive approach to managing everyday challenges.

A range of speciality counselling services is available to help you when you need it.


  • Childcare and Parenting: Specialists will work directly with you to ensure your unique family needs are taken into consideration when determining appropriate resources and solutions for your childcare and parenting concerns
  • Elder and Family Care: Specialists are on staff to work one-on-one with you, and provide an immediate needs assessment and follow-up with customized information.
  • Relationship Solutions: This includes up-front coaching and resources to support behaviour change in a meaningful way.
  • Legal Advisory: A national legal consultation service is provided by qualified lawyers who reside in the province governing the location of your concerns. You speak directly with a lawyer and receive consultation on legal matters.
  • Financial Consultation: Financial counselling can be provided through individual telephone and/or email consultation and may include planning sessions, as well as budgeting exercises and homework for you.

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The Opening Remarks mental health briefs provide Ontario lawyers with wellness tips and resources from a variety of individuals speaking in their own capacity. The briefs are not a substitute for professional care. If you are in crisis, we encourage you to urgently contact a mental health service provider.