Live a Healthier Life With Health Smart Coaching

Mental Health Brief #25

Live a Healthier Life With Health Smart Coaching

Most lawyers encounter stress as part of their daily routine but you don't have to let it impact your health or your work performance. Don't let too much work and poor eating habits overwhelm your physical health. Making healthy lifestyle choices can benefit both body and mind.  Lawyers may benefit from Homewood Health's Health Smart Coaching, which offers customized programs related to nutritional counselling, smoking cessation, or even a 12-week program to encourage positive behavioural changes.


Nutritional Counselling: Access a range of topics that can help you change nutrition-related behaviour, answer your questions and manage your nutritional challenges. You can translate the latest nutritional science information into practical strategies, healthy eating advice and tools you can use.

Smoking Cessation: Address all of the facets of smoking, including the physical dependence (i.e. nicotine), as well as the psychological dependence (i.e. smoking habits and the desire to smoke). This personalized process is built on proven, evidence-based, behaviour-change methods.

12 Weeks to Wellness: Take part in a self-directed program that offers a comprehensive approach to behaviour change. Lawyers can benefit from life coaching, nutritional counselling, and a health risk assessment over a 12-week period.

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The Opening Remarks mental health briefs provide Ontario lawyers with wellness tips and resources from a variety of individuals speaking in their own capacity. The briefs are not a substitute for professional care. If you are in crisis, we encourage you to urgently contact a mental health service provider.