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Written by lawyers for lawyers, by its very nature JUST. is an extension of the OBA community. Learn how your peers are dealing with common challenges; read about the struggles and achievements of your favourite legal icons and hear what other lawyers have to say about the state of affairs within the legal profession.  This section is all about learning, sharing and exchanging, lawyer to lawyer.

Two hands holding multiple shapes

Creative Counsel

  • April 01, 2014
  • Catherine Brennan

It's amazing what a little creativity can do.

Marc Bolan

Glam Rock Legacy

  • January 01, 2014
  • William Genereux

The tragic legal legacy of T-Rex’s Marc Bolan.

Picture of stylized waves

Ebb and Flow

  • August 01, 2013
  • Trevor Branion and Chris Williams

The tides are changing in some of the hottest areas of practice. Is it time to make changes of your own?

Pascale Daigneault

New World Style

  • August 01, 2013
  • R. Lee Akazaki

Incoming President Pascale Daigneault goes back to basics to clear the road for progress