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Written by lawyers for lawyers, by its very nature JUST. is an extension of the OBA community. Learn how your peers are dealing with common challenges; read about the struggles and achievements of your favourite legal icons and hear what other lawyers have to say about the state of affairs within the legal profession.  This section is all about learning, sharing and exchanging, lawyer to lawyer.

Man being scanned at an airport

Dos & Don'ts for Handling Turbulence at the Border

  • August 18, 2017
  • Molly M. Reynolds and Emma Loignon-Giroux

Some say that today, a person’s smartphone is his or her castle. If that is so, for lawyers carrying privileged information on their device, it must be a fortress.

Gallery: Young Lawyers Gala

Gallery: Young Lawyers Gala

  • June 19, 2017

On May 30th, the Ontario Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division proudly hosted the inaugural Young Lawyers Gala.

Man and woman shaking hands

The Personal Touch Still Matters

  • June 19, 2017
  • Kathleen Robichaud

Kathleen Robichaud discusses the importance of human interaction in legal services, particularly in this age of automation.

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Parental Leave: More and better choices for everyone

  • April 27, 2017
  • Rachel Migicovsky

Our long-term, career-fulfilling goals must be shared and supported by the firms at which we work. If all of us, as lawyers, agree that we value having our families alongside our careers, we must ensure that our collective policies reflect that value.

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What Lawyers Do, According to Our Kids

  • April 27, 2017

Have you ever stopped to wonder how our children perceive our profession? We asked the children of several OBA members to share their thoughts on their parents' profession.

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Get Out of My Office! How to deal with chatty co-workers

  • April 27, 2017

We’ve all been in a situation where we just need someone to get out of our office. But in a profession of strong wills and fragile egos, it’s tough to find a diplomatic way to do it. To fill that gap, JUST. Magazine interrogated some of its members for their cleverest escape plans.

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Opinion: Better Civil Justice Today

  • April 24, 2017
  • Colin P. Stevenson

Technology and the law may intertwine in the ivory towers of some law schools, but few academics and fewer practitioners have applied themselves to answering the question of how technology can be used so the general public is served better by lawyers and the legal system.