Webcasts Virtual and Hybrid

Fully Remote and Hybrid Webcasting

The OBA Conference Centre has over a decade of experience delivering online professional development webinars, conferences, corporate announcements, town halls with a client base that includes professional associations, charities, regulators, corporations and government.

Fully Remote Webcasts

The OBA Conference Centre has developed an all-inclusive and fully remote webcast service that allows your speakers and registrants to participate remotely from their home or office. Your service package includes pre-event practice sessions with our webcast staff, a dedicated webcast technician during the event and a live support team to assist your viewers should they experience any trouble during the event.

Hybrid Webcast Events

Prefer to have your speakers together? We can accommodate that in our large webcast studios in downtown Toronto that allow for physical distancing. We can even quickly accommodate last minute changes should a speaker have to switch from attending in the studio to participating remotely.

More Details and Pricing

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