About the Podcast

C TheodoreHi, I’m Charlene Theodore. As a lawyer who has spent her career focused on workplace law, I know that the best workplaces are those that work for everyone – those where everyone is given a chance to excel.

Work that Works is about giving lawyers practical tools for building a modern workplace – one that is diverse, healthy, and productive.

As a profession, we find ourselves standing at the intersection of a younger, diverse workforce and a traditional boardroom culture that leaves many out of the advancement equation. Work that Works is about working together to create workplaces where every lawyer has an equal opportunity to lead and excel.

This podcast will show you how to do just that.  We will give you an insiders’ look at what innovative law firms are doing to help their lawyers and clients thrive. We will also look at success stories from outside of our profession. We know there are workplaces that have got things right, and we’re bringing those solutions straight to you.

We’ll also help you transform our talk into action.  Each episode will come with member-exclusive resources to help you implement the new ideas and fresh thinking you hear about on the podcast in a way that works for you. These resources are your blueprint for success.

Finally, because the OBA is a strong community of lawyers, this podcast will help serve as a way to connect and unite leaders and visionaries in the profession. Engage with us on Twitter or LinkedIn (#workthatworks), attend one of our workplace-inspired PD programs, share this podcast with your networks.

As we look to reimagine our workplaces with an equity and innovation framework in the new normal of 2020 and beyond, the OBA and the Work that Works podcast will be your number one support.

Let’s get building!