Mindful Moments

We know working remotely doesn't make the struggle to maintain balance any easier. That is why the OBA is sending two minute reminders around 2:00 pm each day as a reminder to our members to check in on themselves, be mindful and remember that physical distancing doesn't mean any one’s mental health should suffer.

MAY 2022 mindful moment
May 2 Practice Empathy
April 2022 mindful moment
April 5 Bring Balance Back to the Office
April 6  Stand (or stretch) in the place where you work
April 7 

10 Ways to Brighten Your Day

April 8 Play a Word Game
April 11 Appreciate What You have Today
April 12 Dress Your Desk for Success
April 13 The Power of Kawaii
April 14 Get Ready for a Good Sleep
April 18 You Are a Star
April 19 Take a Bite-sized Language Lesson
April 20 Read Some Good News
April 21 Reframe a Challenge
April 22 Find Your Zen (again)
April 25 Guided Meditation Apps
April 26 Capture the High Points
April 27 Get Grounded in Hybrid Work
April 28 Take a Trivia Mini-break
April 29 Put Things in Perspective
 June 1 A Work-from-Home Pledge
 June 2 Be An Ally
 June 3 Micropauses and Mini Breaks
June 4 Never Doubt you Abilities
June 5 Filling our Cups with Kindness
June 8 STOP and Stay on Task
June 9 Visualize
June 10 Talk to Someone
June 11 What is Burnout?
June 12 What Brings You Joy?
June 15 Intention Setting
June 16 10 Simple Ways to Take a Break
June 17 Practise self-compassion
June 18 OBA Cares
June 19 Some Good news
June 22 A Mindful Moment to Honour Indigenous History
June 23 Progressive Muscle Relaxation
June 24 Habits to Make You Happier
May 1, 2020 Spread Kindess
May 4, 2020 Understand Your Productivity/Stress Curve
May 6, 2020 It's Mental Health Week
May 7, 2020 The Many Benefits of Kindness
May 8, 2020 An Introduction to Mindful Meditation
May 11, 2020 Power of Positive Thinking
May 12, 2020 Plant Your Roots and Grow
May 13, 2020 Inspiration from Nature
May 14, 2020 10 Simple Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Day
May 15, 2020 Pick up your childhood pastime
May 19, 2020 Run Outdoors
May 20, 2020 Get Grounded
May 21, 2020  It's World Meditation Day
May 22, 2020 This or That: The Lawyers' Work from Home Edition
May 25, 2020 Take Notice
May 26, 2020 Simple, positive affirmations
May 27, 2020 A Reminder from Chief Justice Strathy: "Chance Favours the Prepared Mind"
May 28, 2020 Take a break from technology
May 29, 2020 A Friday laugh: The cutting edge of relaxation
april 2020 mindful moment
April 1st Take a Coffee Break
April 2nd Try a Little Tai Chi
April 3rd Mark the Weekend
April 6th Calming Effects of the Ocean
April 7th Create Happiness
April 8th Take a Coffee Break
April 9th You're Doing Great
April 10th Try Something New
April 14th Have Some Fun
April 16th Find your Centre of Balance
April 17th Dance! Dance!
April 20th There's Help
April 21st A Fun Way to Add Execise into Your Day
April 22nd Find your Zen this Earth Day
April 23rd A Positive Spin on Things
April 24th Some Fun Apps for your Weekend
April 27th Tap into Gratitutde
April 30th Have you tried Journaling?

march 2020  MINDFUL MOMENT
March 17th Let’s Breathe Together

March 18th

Tips for Remote Working

March 19th

Stay Connected
March 20th  Take Some Time to Enjoy Nature

March 21st

Lighten Your Mood

March 22nd

Boost Your Immunity

March 23rd

Helpful Resources
March 24th Build Resilience…Together

March 25th

Just Breathe
March 26th Stand Up
March 27th Take a Coffee Break
March 28th Laugh a Little
March 29th Let’s Get Fit
March 30th Stop and Smell the Flowers

March 31st

Take in Some Culture