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Prendre le temps de s’entraîner

  • 26 janvier 2016
  • Micheal Okumura et Kimberly Whaley

Votre souhaitez garder la forme et vous cherchez des exercices et de bonnes habitudes alimentaires malgré votre horaire chargé? Qu’à cela ne tienne, Michael Okumura, entraîneur personnel, et Kimberly Whaley, avocate soucieuse de sa santé, vous suggèrent un programme d’entraînement et des conseils pratiques en gestion du temps.

Lottery form

Litigating Lottery Claims: Greed, Tall Tales and How to Avoid Litigation in the First Place

  • 14 janvier 2016
  • Jeffrey S. Percival

Many of us have vivid dreams of winning the “big one”, namely the jackpot prize in one of the many lottery games run by lottery corporations. Recognizing that the odds of winning a substantial jackpot are particularly remote, we choose to participate in office lottery pools as a means to purchase a greater number of tickets. In theory, the idea of an office lottery pool is a sound one… until the office wins a major prize and the pool turns out to be less than well-organized.

Black and white picture of a courthouse

5 Tips For Arguing Your First Appeal

  • 16 décembre 2015
  • Brock Jones

Everyone’s first court appearance can be an intimidating experience. Appearing in front a busy judge in a packed courtroom can test your mettle in ways you never imagined. Especially for younger lawyers, who are building their reputations and just want to be seen as professional and diligent, the stakes are high.

A white wig with a red X through it

Gown Gaffes

  • 08 décembre 2015
  • Compiled by Andrea Sanche

Whether it's an LCBO bag in place of a briefcase, worn seams, polka dots or dark brown shoes, all barristers have witnessed - and some have committed - a gown faux pas in court.