Name Mediator/Arbitrator Speciality Area
Neil Abbott  Arbitrator/Mediator Construction Law and all related claims, Commercial disputes i including debt collection, equipment and motor vehicle finance and leasing 
Zeeshan Adhi Arbitrator/Mediator business law, commercial law, corporate law, investment law, international law, and financial law
Afiyah Alam    
Carol Albert Arbitrator/Mediator Construction disputes

Municipal Law
David Alderson Arbitrator/Mediator Commercial disputes, including business disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, director and officer disputes, real estate, condo and commercial leasing disputes, projects and joint venture disputes, sale of goods, distribution and franchise disputes, management, brokerage and agency disputes, contract disputes, event cancellation and delay claims, marine, aviation, transportation and logistics disputes, international commercial disputes and reinsurance disputes.
Deborah C. Anschell Arbitrator/Mediator insurance, employment, condominium and commercial litigation
Barry S. Arbus Arbitrator/Mediator Business Law Disputes
Larry Banack  Arbitrator/Mediator Construction, Business disputes, Real estate including condominiums, Partnership and shareholder disputes, Professional negligence, Estate law, Employment law, Franchise law
Louise Barrington Arbitrator/Mediator International commercial disputes, insurance, banking, construction
Bruce S. Batist    
Joanne Beasley    
Daniel Bereskin Arbitrator/Mediator Property law
Roger Bilodeau Arbitrator All areas
Barry H. Bresner Arbitrator/Mediator Commercial dispute resolution 
Bruce MacDougall Arbitrator/Mediator Aviation, Defamation and Press Freedoms, Insurance Coverage. 
Donald J. Byrne    
Gary M. Caplan  Arbitrator/Mediator Civil Litigation, mediation and Arbitration
Angela Casey Arbitrator/Mediator Estate Litigation
Evelyn ten Cate    
Radek Cecha    
Kimberly Cork Arbitrator/Mediator LTD & Personal Injury
Tom Dart Arbitrator/Mediator Family law mediation and arbitration
Ronald Dash Arbitrator/Mediator Commercial, employment and insurance disputes
Alan J Davis Arbitrator/Mediator Employment Law, Long Term Insurance Disability Claims, Commercial Litigation, Estate Disputes 
Andrew Diamond Arbitrator/Mediator Employment and Human Rights; Personal Injury; Corporate Commercial and Insolvency.
Leslie Dizgun Arbitrator/Mediator Commercial disputes and employment disputes, including franchise and condominium
John R. Done Arbitrator/Mediator Employment law disputes, human rights, property disputes, contract disputes, sale of goods disputes, creditor-debtor, personal injury and public law disputes
Barry Fisher    
Jonathan Flanders  Arbitrator/Mediator personal injury, insurance, product liability, property damage, libel, franchise, lease, employment, professional negligence, construction, contract, environmental, estates, business and real estate disputes
Troy L. Harris Arbitrator/Mediator construction disputes and general commercial disputes.  I handle both domestic and international matters.
Robert Healey    
Joe E. Hershfield    
Marvin Huberman Arbitrator/Mediator corporate, commercial, insurance, and construction disputes  
Eric Gossin Arbitrator/Mediator commercial disputes, including shareholder and partnership, collections and construction,  and estate matters
Paul M. Iacono Arbitrator/Mediator Insurance coverage liabiltiy damages
Megan Keenberg, C.S. Arbitrator/Mediator Commercial and civil disputes
John Kelly    
Kim Kieller    
Richard Krempulec Arbitrator/Mediator personal, professional, product, property, directors & officers, dealership, partnership, corporate, insurance coverage, and estate claims
Caroline Law    
James LeBer    
Gordon F. Luborsky Arbitrator/Mediator Employment and labour mediation and arbitration
Ennia Luccon    
Michael Marra  Arbitrator/Mediator Estates Litigation
D Bruce MacDougall Arbitrator/Mediator Aviation Law; Defamation and Press Freedoms; Products Liability; Insurance Coverage
Marcel D. Mongeon Arbitrator/Mediator French & English
Roy McPhail Arbitrator/Mediator Construction
Scott Merrifield    
Bernard Morrow Arbitrator/Mediator Commercial, Workplace, Insurance (Personal Injury, Disability), Construction 
Stanley Naftolin Arbitrator/Mediator Construction Law Disputes
Marilyn A. Nairn Arbitrator/Mediator Labour, Workplace, Human Rights, Health and Safety
James Newland Arbitrator/Mediator Class actions/mass torts, personal injury, medical negligence and product liability
Elaine Newman  Arbitrator/Mediator Labour
Shari Novick   Arbitrator/Mediator personal injury, accident benefits, LTD and other insurance related matters, employment and labor disputes
Jesse Nyman Arbitrator/Mediator Labour, Employment, Workplace, Human Rights, Health and Safety
Kathleen G. O'Neil Arbitrator/Mediator Labour relations and Employment Law
Kenneth R. Peel Arbitrator/Mediator Transportation law & regulation, esp. rail; civil litigation (contract/commercial/negligence)
David Potts  Arbitrator/Mediator defamation, cybelibel,anti slapp proceedings 
Bob Rae    
Daniel Randazzo Arbitrator/Mediator Labour and Employment Law 
Steve Raymond Arbitrator/Mediator Labour and Employment Law 
Louie Reznick Arbitrator/Mediator Civil litigation (personal injury — motor vehicle, occupier liability, professional malpractice, product liability); breach of contract, wrongful dismissal...
Mitchell Rose  Arbitrator/Mediator Civil Litigation, Commercial, Employment, Estates, Human Rights, Insurance, Personal Injury, Real Property (in-person and online mediation)
Deborah Rothman Arbitrator Business to Business disputes; mergers and acquisitions. 
Lucy Siraco    
Richard H. Shekter Arbitrator/Mediator medical malpractice, personal injury/insurance, commercial litigation,  estates & trusts, general contract litigation, tort litigation, administrative  discipline and health law
Doug Snider    
Jonathan Speigel    
Clayton R. Spencer Arbitrator Family Law
Colin P. Stevenson Arbitrator/Mediator commercial, construction and real estate litigation
Susan L. Stewart    
Kenneth P. Swan Arbitrator/Mediator Labour and Employment Law; Contract Disputes; Human Rights and Discrimination
Charles Ticker Arbitrator/Mediator Estate disputes
Ed Upenieks    
Kimberly Whaley  Arbitrator/Mediator Estates Litigation
Lorne H. Wolfson Arbitrator/Mediator Family Law
Frank Zaid Arbitrator/Mediator Franchise and distribution disputes mediation, med-arb and arbitration