1. Our complimentary Mindful Lawyer CPD Series has 19 modules of mental health and wellness advice from leading experts and qualifies for professionalism hours.
  2. A special Mindful Lawyer module is forthcoming, focused on how to elevate and maintain morale in remote work environments, flex your resilience muscles by fostering communication and collaboration to engage and better support your team during this uncertain time.
  3. Our daily Mindful Moment emails are providing members with a brief mental health tip, mindfulness exercise or laugh. With just 2 minutes at 2:00pm everyday, we want to help you feel a little better. We understand that there are serious issues to solve, and we're serious about helping you solve them. At the same time, we prioritize lawyers' wellness and we hope that giving you at least two minutes of mindfulness or humour can help.
  4. Additional tips and resources for lawyers' wellness are always available here.