Small Claims Court Is No Small Matter - Learn the Essentials!

  • 16 mai 2016


Archived video + e-Materials


The amount of the claims may be smaller, but the procedural, professionalism, and strategic know-how are just as necessary.  View our panel of senior litigators and deputy judges to master the fundamentals of litigating Small Claims actions from start to finish:

- Learn the do's and don'ts of settlement conferences and motions
- Gain insight as to how to skillfully deal with self-represented litigants
- Conquer the rules of evidence specific to Small Claims matters
- Hear feedback from the bench on best practices and common mistakes

This engaging program will be anything but “small,” so we urge you not to miss it.


Deputy Judge Christine M. LaCasse
Deputy Judge Paul K. Lepsoe
Deputy Judge Rohan G. Bansie
Eric Lay, 
Mann Lawyers LLP


Ashley Maksimovic, Mann Lawyers LLP
Michael Beeson, McCague Borlack LLP
Özlem Eskicioglu, ALT Divorce