What You Need to Know About LAWPRO: Tips and Traps for Junior Lawyers

  • March 01, 2022
  • Michelle Wen Xiao Kang

What is LAWPRO

In Canada, all lawyers in private practice require insurance and there is a mandatory insurance provider in each jurisdiction. The Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company, commonly known as “LAWPRO,” is an insurance company that primarily provides errors and omissions insurance coverage for Ontario lawyers in private practice. LAWPRO is independent of the Law Society of Ontario, and coverage under LAWPRO is mandatory for all lawyers practicing in Ontario.

For individual lawyers, LAWPRO policies provide a maximum of $1 million coverage per claim, and $2 million in the aggregate for claims brought against the individual lawyer.[1] A Law firm can purchase additional insurance for the firm, both through LAWPRO or other insurers. 

Common LAWPRO Claims and Ways to Protect Your Practice

Depending on the area of practice, new lawyers should be aware of common traps which may lead to potential LAWPRO claims.

According to LAWPRO’s internal statistics from 2008 to 2019, one of the predominant causes of claims across all practice areas arises from inadequate lawyer/client miscommunication. These types of claims make up 40% of all corporate and commercial malpractice claims, 36% of all criminal law malpractice claims, 29% of all employment law claims, 39% of family law claims, 39% of all immigration law claims, 18% of all litigation claims, 41% of all real estate transaction related claims, and 28% of all claims in wills and estates practice