Sending Documents to and Receiving Documents from the WSIAT Electronically

  • April 07, 2022
  • Sarah Schumacher, Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT) has announced that effective March 28, 2022 there will be a new secure, cloud based, file sharing service available to parties. The new service is called E-Share.  E-Share is a cloud based, secure file sharing service built on TitanFileTM.

Parties who choose to use this service will be able to receive case materials faster and access them at a time that is convenient to them.

The new service will be available in English and French. The case material for a WSIAT appeal or application, such as the Case Record or Addenda, can be sent via E-share to parties in Adobe PDF format. Parties who would like to receive electronic copies of the case materials, need to complete and send an E-Share Consent Form to WSIAT. More information on the process is available on WSIAT’s website.

The WSIAT has also offered an E-File service for parties since September 4, 2020 where parties can submit documents to the WSIAT electronically through the WSIAT website. Using the E-File service, parties can E-File any appeal or application related document (in Adobe PDF format) on the WSIAT’s website. This includes WSIB decisions, documentary evidence, written submissions, and receipts. You can also use E-Filing to submit WSIAT forms if you have filled and saved them using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader DC. More information on the E-File service can be found on the WSIAT’s website. Additional FAQs for the E-File service is also found on the WSIAT website.

About the Author

Sarah Schumacher is Counsel to the Chair at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal. She is currently the newsletter editor for the OBA Workers' Compensation Section Executive.

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