Some Reflections on Some Recommendations

  • 11 février 2021
  • John Bartolomeo, lawyer and co-director, Workers' Health and Safety Legal Clinic

In May 2019 the Government of Ontario launched an operational review of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Headed by Linda Regner Dykeman and Sean Speer, the purpose of the review was to examine financial oversight, administration, and efficiency at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (“the WSIB”).  After inviting submissions and meeting with stakeholders, the results of the review were made public in November 2020.  The Report presents 25 recommendations to the Government. I encourage you to read the report here: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board operational review report | 

At the time the Report was released, the WSIB appeared to welcome certain recommendations, such as those that relate to the financial health of the organization, and remain silent on others. This article will examine two Recommendations, Recommendations 13 and 14, which relate to the appeals process in the compensation system. To date, the WSIB has not offered its comments on these suggested improvements.