Profiling Diverse Experiences: Sara Racicot’s experience studying law abroad

  • 24 mai 2021
  • Sara Racicot

The purpose of this article is to provide other international students who want to practice law in Canada with some of the valuable information I have gained through networking, attending online events, and panels throughout my first year. I am currently completing my LL.B at Queen’s University of Belfast and plan to return to Canada upon completion.

Although I am just starting out on my legal journey, I wanted to offer my support and to share what I have learned this past year with the hopes of helping other students who are in the same position and experiencing similar stress.

A legal career is competitive. Whether you are a law student in Canada or abroad. However, there are definitely some added hurdles if you make the decision to go abroad. It has been challenging, especially with the added stress of a pandemic, travel restrictions, lockdowns, and classes quickly shifting from in-person to online. However, it has also been a great learning opportunity, which has improved my adaptability skills, independence, and personal development. I have met amazing people from diverse backgrounds, which is something I wouldn’t trade.

My first piece of advice, and arguably the most important, is remember to enjoy the journey.