Community Outreach: Highlighting the Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women

  • April 02, 2021
  • Emilia Coto, Sisu Legal

Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women, also known as W5, is a non-profit organization serving immigrant and refugee women and their families in the Windsor-Essex community. W5 assists newcomers in becoming full and participating members of Canadian Society.

W5 offers a number of services for newcomers and their families, including: language classes, citizenship preparation classes, and mental wellness services. Youth-specific programming for newcomers between the ages of 13 and 24 is also available, which includes homework support. W5 holds programming that prioritizes investing in women’s futures, including programming that promotes the prevention of violence against women and economic security for women.

For job seekers, W5 offers one-on-one counselling, career goal setting, occupation searches, and financial support for individuals with financial hardship. W5 has created a candidate pool with global talents and offers employers job matching and placement searches. The organization’s Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides financial assistance to offset business owners’ cost to purchase training for their employees.