Ontario Estates Bench-Bar Liaison Committee Meeting Minutes - October 17, 2022

  • December 22, 2022
  • Ontario Estates Bench-Bar Liaison Committee

Ontario Estates Bench-Bar Liaison Committee

Monday, October 17, 2022

4:30 p.m.

Via Zoom

Meeting called by:

Justice Dietrich

Type of meeting:

Regularly scheduled quarterly meeting (fourth scheduled meeting of committee)


Justice Dietrich, Chair

Note taker:

Haritha Popuri, Judicial Law Clerk


Justice Dietrich (Chair)

Justice Fowler Byrne

Laura Craig (counsel, Office of the Chief Justice)

Michelle Chen (Manager, Civil Trial Office)

Haritha Popuri (Judicial Law Clerk)

Natasha Marjadsingh (MAG – Court Operations)

Linda Omazic (counsel, Operational Support Branch, Court Services Division)

Lou-Anne F. Farrell

Andrea M. Hill

Ian Hull

Angelique Moss (OBA representative)

Margaret E. Rintoul (Toronto Estate Planning Council representative)

Marshall Swadron

Kimberly A. Whaley

Marni Whitaker

Kavina Nagrani (OBA representative)

Caroline Abela (The Advocates’ Society representative)


Justice Wilson

Justice Sheard

Justice Woodley

Susan Easterbrook

Kathleen McDormand (OBA representative)

Alison Lester (Federation of Ontario Law Associations representative)

Kathleen MacDougall (CAMH representative)

Monica Simion (MAG – Manager, Court Operations)





Justice Dietrich

Justice Dietrich welcomed Committee members


Approve Minutes


Justice Dietrich


June 6 meeting minutes approved (moved by Caroline Abela, Seconded by Andrea Hill)

·Ms. Nagrani and Ms. Moss should be removed from the list of attendees.

·It could not be confirmed whether Ms. MacDougall was at this meeting as she is listed under both ‘Attendees’ and ‘Regrets’


Review of Action items


Justice Dietrich/ Laura Craig


  1. Linda Omazic to provide updated CSD Estates Staff Procedures Manual to members
    • A copy has been finalized and circulated.
  2. Linda Omazic to share information on how members of the bar and the public can place their name on an emailing list to receive regular updates of the CSD Estates Staff Procedures Manual
    • Distributed at the same time as the manual.
  3. Laura Craig to send a reminder to the bar and the public about amendments to estate rules and forms coming into force on July 1, 2022. (Note: An email update was provided to the Justice Sector Check-in Committee for distribution to bar associations and information was shared via SCJ Twitter.)  
    • Reminders have been sent.
  4. Justice Woodley was unable to obtain a model order from her contact at Google LLC.
  5. Toronto practice direction amendments regarding passings of accounts were posted by Laura Craig.


Practice Directions


Justice Dietrich/ Laura Craig


Update on Estates Procedures and Model Orders in Regions Outside of Toronto – (L. Craig)

L. Craig shared the proposal with RSJ Council. Based on feedback received, the preference is to have a common consolidated provincial practice direction for estates. With help from L. Omazic, L. Craig drafted a version that has taken out as much region-specific information as possible. Next step is to strike a small subcommittee to finalize this draft so that it is applicable to all regions for review by the bench-bar committee and then RSJ Council.

Action items

Person responsible


  • Sub-committee to finalize the draft before submitting to judicial members and RSJ Council for implementation.

L. Craig, L. Omazic, L. Farrell,       C. Abela, I. Hull, K. Whaley, A. Hill