The Solo Perspective in Unprecedented Times

  • January 12, 2022
  • Janine C.C. Innes

Solo practice brings with it unique rewards and challenges.  Throughout the pandemic, we have all persevered through periods of lockdown and the constantly changing Covid restrictions, including work from home orders.  Most practitioners have had to adapt to a new way of practicing law and have had a glimpse into the world of a solo practitioner.  Some have been left wondering if solo practice might be the right path for them. 

Over the last several months I have spoken with countless colleagues considering moving from large firms or mid-sized boutiques to solo practice.  Most mentioned how much they were enjoying the freedom to work from home, having no commute, and more time with family, but some worried that the feelings of isolation from having no in-person meetings with coworkers would be greater in solo practice.  My experience in sole practice has been filled with a sense of freedom and enjoyment as well as many challenges but has ultimately been the most rewarding career path for me.  In any event, I always recommend that anyone contemplating moving to solo practice do ample research and talk with as many solo practitioners as possible before making the leap.