Pros and Cons of Being a Sole Practitioner

  • 05 mai 2022
  • Dan Fridmar - Fridmar Professional Corporation

Last month, I celebrated two years of providing legal services as a sole practitioner. Being a 2019 call, for me it meant that I spent more time on my own than I have in a firm setting. In these past two years, I’ve witnessed a number of colleagues hang their shingle and subsequently take it down. Each of these individuals came from a variety of backgrounds and – in speaking with them – providing unique reasons for starting and leaving.

In writing this article, I have had an opportunity to speak with a number of these wonderful individuals and have put together the top three “pro” reasons of why people started and maintained their sole practices and the top three “cons” that ultimately lead to people leaving sole practices. We hope that these reasons will act as a guide for those OBA members who are interested in starting their own practices, or those who are presently sole practitioners and may need a motivating push.