Flying Solo in the Competitive World of Law

  • October 20, 2021
  • Justin Bozzo

It's no secret that law is a demanding profession. For lawyers looking to strike out on their own, the thought of practising law while running a business is almost too much to bear.

I founded Bozzo Law in July 2020—just one month after completing my articles. Since then, I’ve had enough experiences to meaningfully reflect on what’s been a challenging but also rewarding year.

This article is a culmination of those experiences. More specifically, it’s about the traits that have allowed me to thrive as a solo attorney in the competitive world of law.


Whether you’re a sole practitioner, a senior partner, or an up-and-coming associate, there is no trait more integral to finding success as a lawyer than that of resilience.

For all its rewards, the legal profession has a fair number of challenges.

Resilience is key, especially in the early days of practice when clients are scarce and you’re juggling all of the responsibilities that come with hanging your own shingle.

My advice: believe in yourself. You’ve already made it this far, so what’s a few more years of deferred gratification?

I’d also recommend surrounding yourself with good people. I’ve been lucky to find a handful of practitioners who’ve kindly given me precedents and advice. I'm blessed to have a supportive spouse, and a loving baby boy to wake up to every morning as well.

Find a tribe to lean on in times of need. Just don’t forget to pay it forward when it’s your time to shine.