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Message from Chair

  • 13 décembre 2011
  • Donald Thomson

I have now completed my first term as chair of the OBA Real Property Section. The accomplishments of our executive during my first term would have been impossible without the support of the entire Real Property Executive. I also wish to extend my personal thanks to Peter Guennel...

Message from the Editor

  • 13 décembre 2011
  • Raymond H. Mikkola

Hello and welcome to the December 2011 edition of The Abstract Page! There are a number of matters of interest to real estate lawyers in this edition.

Message From the Chair

  • 22 février 2011
  • Don Thomson

I am privileged to be the Chair for the 2010-2011 term of the Real Property Section Executive of the Ontario Bar Association.

The Supreme Court Limits The Duty To Consult Aboriginal Groups

  • 22 février 2011
  • Jeff Lem

Most lawyers appreciate that, in Canada, the Crown and all of its agencies have a duty, when making decisions which may adversely impact lands which are subject to the claims of Aboriginal peoples, to first consult with the potentially affected First Nations, and then to reasonably accommodate...

Your Rooftop- -To Lease or Not to Lease

  • 22 février 2011
  • Pamela A. Green, David J. Forgione

With the Ontario Green Energy Act (the “GEA”) offering financial incentives for businesses that create green energy, a new phenomenon has been created—leases of rooftop space for the installation and operation of solar panel facilities.

Welcome to the Winter 2011 edition of The Abstract Page!

  • 22 février 2011
  • Ray Mikkola

In this edition we include the inaugural message from the Section’s new chair, Don Thomson. Welcome Don! Don is obviously no stranger to the Section or to The Abstract Page, having served many years on the Executive.

Corporate List of Real Estate Holdings - The Grace Period is Up!

  • Don Perry, Perry Law

The two-year grace period to create an up-to-date register of real property ownership interests is up. As you set your ambitions high to start off 2019 on a great note, this serves as a quick reminder to call your commercial real estate lawyer and confirm that your real property ownership register is up to date.

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