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Harjot Atwal - legal counsel, claims at FCT

Construction Financing vs. Writs of Seizure and Sale: who trumps who?

  • 16 novembre 2020
  • Harjot Atwal - legal counsel, claims at FCT

In a construction context, certain percentages of mortgage funds are advanced in stages as the different stages of construction and development are completed. If a writ of seizure and sale is filed after the mortgage was registered and the mortgagee was given notice of the filing, are the mortgage advances that are made subsequent to the writ’s filing subject to such a writ’s priority? This article considers this question by discussing the case 1842752 Ontario Inc. v. Fortress Wismer 3-2011 Ltd.

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 Harjot Atwal - legal counsel, Claims at FCT

Lender Options for Super-priority GST/HST Liens: Title insurance, litigation

  • 08 octobre 2020
  • Harjot Atwal - legal counsel, Claims at FCT

The author discusses the options a lender has to mitigate risks associated with super-priority GST/HST liens that can take priority over registered mortgages. Options such as obtaining title insurance that provides coverage against such risks and pursuing litigation are discussed.

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Bram Potechin

Q&A with Bram Potechin, OBA Award of Excellence in Real Estate Recipient

  • 10 juin 2020

Bram Potechin, Partner, Merovitz Potechin LLP, is being honoured this year with the OBA Award of Excellence in Real Estate for his outstanding leadership and contributions to the field. Find out what motivates him and how he is making a difference in his area of practice in this candid Q&A.

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Basic Approach for Remote Signing

  • 23 mars 2020
  • Prepared by Maurizio Romanin, Merredith MacLennan and Ian Speers

In light of the recent LSO directions regarding remote commissioning, we have put together an outline of an approach that real estate lawyers can consider when obtaining a remote signature from a client. This is not legal advice and has not been approved by the Law Society of Ontario but is rather offered as a resource.

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