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Diversity among Directors and Executives in Canada’s Real Estate Industry

  • 30 octobre 2021
  • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

This article provides an insightful analysis of diversity and inclusion within Canada's commercial real estate industry. It provides a breakdown of the number and percentages of women directors and executive officers within the real estate sector, outlines familiar obstacles women and visible minorities often face at the corporate level, and sets out some best practices sector leaders have undertaken to remove systemic barriers for women and minorities.

Droit immobilier, Student Forum

Changes to Tarion, the New HCRA, and an Extra Ninety Dollars

  • 16 mars 2021
  • Matthew Wilson and Don Perry

This article discusses the changes to Tarion, the new Home Construction Regulatory Authority that regulates new home builders and vendors in the province, and the changes to registration fees.

Droit immobilier, Student Forum
Atoosa Mahdavian, Mahdavian Law, and Pouya Makki, GDA Capital

The Realtor's Duty to Independently Verify Misrepresentations Made by the Seller

  • 02 mars 2021
  • Atoosa Mahdavian, Mahdavian Law, and Pouya Makki, GDA Capital

This article considers two decisions that discuss how the misrepresentation of material facts may create liability not only for vendors but also for real estate agents who were found to be negligent because of their failure to independently verify the vendor’s suspicious misrepresentations about the property.

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Harjot Atwal

Family Cottage: Registering real estate agreements on title, interfamily sales

  • 02 mars 2021
  • Harjot Atwal, Beard Winter LLP,

As part of a series of articles concerning the family cottage, Harjot Atwal writes about cottage real estate agreements (e.g., co-ownership agreements and rights of first refusal agreements) that can be considered for interfamily sales and for sales to outside third parties.

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Harjot Atwal, Beard Winter LLP

Family Cottage: How it can cause conflict, give rise to litigation

  • 11 février 2021
  • Harjot Atwal, Beard Winter LLP

This is the first in a series of articles concerning legal issues and challenges that families may face due to their ownership of cottages. This article focuses on estate litigation driven by family conflicts.

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