Mastering Employment Contracts:Termination Clauses and Restrictive Covenants

  • March 31, 2016


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A well-drafted employment contract can save your clients from the uncertainty that may otherwise arise when employment ends. There are two key clauses that have potential for the greatest impact: termination clauses and restrictive covenants.

Employer and employee counsel, get up-to-date on the critical elements of these important provisions and recent developments you need to know. Take advantage of the opportunity to get feedback on your own precedents with our small-group workshops, and learn to identify possible problems with the clauses you see in your drafting or litigation practice.


Allison Greene, Karimjee Greene LLP
Brooke Stewart, Davenport Law Group


Termination of Federally Regulated Employees
Kevin Fox, Davenport Law Group

The Darwinian Cat and Mouse Game -
Termination Clauses and their Enforceability in Ontario

Neena Gupta, Gowling WLG

Workshop One: Unpacking Termination Clauses

Restraints of Trade in Employment: An Update
Adrian Ishak, Rubin Thomlinson LLP
Sara Parchello, Bennett Jones LLP

Workshop Two: Drafting and Negotiating Restrictive Covenants